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  • Do I have to put my carts out for collection if they aren't full?

    No.  Waiting until the cart is full to place it for collection helps minimize costs.
  • What time does my garbage & recycling cart need to be out for collection?

    Carts must be placed out by 5 AM on your day of collection and should be returned to the storage location within 24 hours of collection.
  • May I use anything other than the carts for garbage or recycling collection?

    No.  All waste and recyclables must be placed in the carts; any trash outside the cart will not be collected. If you need an extra cart for an event such as moving or spring cleaning, you may contact a contractor of your choosing and contract a cart for a short period of time. If you have an ongoing issue with excess trash or recycling, please contact our office at 608-789-7508.
  • May I take my garbage and recycling carts with me if I move?

    No.  Carts are assigned by serial # to the address and must stay at the property. If you would like to know what serial numbers are assigned to your property, please call our office, 608-789-7508.
  • Will the City collect yard waste from my property?

    Residents who want their yard waste or compostable food waste picked up at the curb or alley should contact Harter's Quick Clean-Up to set up Subscription Service.

    Residents can also use Isle La Plume, the city's yard waste drop-off site, from spring through fall for the disposal of yard waste, grass clippings, leaves, compostable food waste and brush.  Residents have to bring yard waste materials to the site themselves.  There is currently no fee for the use of the yard waste drop-off site.

    Please see our webpage for more information.

  • I have a medical/physical disability or I'm elderly and I have a hard time managing the city-service carts.

    You don't lift the cart; you tip it slightly and roll it.  The carts are very stable and roll very easily.

    Currently we offer a service known as 'Handicapped, Elderly or Medically Disabled' (HEMD). To qualify for the HEMD service, all adult persons residing at property must:

    1. Be unable to wheel their carts to the collection location.
    2. Have no one else who can assist them, such as a spouse or other live-in family member or personal assistant.
    3. Be certified by a Licensed Physician or Medical Provider as needing assistance.
    4. Fill out and return the HEMD application.

    See our webpage for more information.

  • Will the City collect branches or brush from my property?

    Residents are responsible for the disposal of brush from private property. You may either call a hauler of your choosing or bring it yourself to the City's Yardwaste & Brush site. See here for more information. 

     If the branches are from a city-owned tree on the boulevard, you can call the Parks & Forestry Dept to report it, at 608-789-7533.

  • How can I dispose of electronics or hazardous materials?

    Most waste contractors will accept electronics; contact them directly to ask about possible fees. You may also take items to the County Landfills, Hazardous Materials Facility. See here for more information  


  • How can I dispose of an appliance or large item that doesn't fit into my cart?

    A resident can haul themselves or call any hauler they wish to pick up the items.  The disposal fees for large items and appliances for the City's hauler, Harter's Quick Clean-Up, is posted on the City's web page, and is open to the public. See the page titled Large Items for more information.
  • My garbage and/or recycling cart is missing, what do I do?

    See our webpage on Lost or Stolen Carts for more information.
  • Who supplies garbage and recycling collection for my business or organization?

    The property owner is responsible working with their tenants to contract collection for their non-residential locations such as businesses, institutions, special events and construction sites. Contracted service requires both garbage and recycling dumpsters or carts. Recycling is not optional as it is a State Statute found in s. 287.07, Wis. Stats.

    If you own a tax parcel that houses both business and residential address(es), then the residential would qualify for city-service collection but the business address would be required to contract privately. Call the Refuse & Recycling Department for more information, 608-789-7508.