Refuse & Recycling Carts

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Carts are assigned by serial # to the address and must stay at the property. If you would like to know what serial numbers are assigned to your property, please call our office, 608-789-7508. 

Carts are provided to newly built residential properties at no cost. There is a service fee of $20 to exchange carts for a different size.

Carts have a ten (10) year warranty from the manufacturer. If they lose a wheel, or the lid comes off, or other ‘normal’ repair, the cart will be repaired or exchanged by the hauler. There is no cost to the resident for maintenance repair. Any permanent markings on the cart would be considered graffiti and the property owner would be billed accordingly.

Cart Selection

City-serviced single family homes, duplexes, twindos, and condos (not exceeding eight bedrooms per dwelling) will be able to select one (1) cart for refuse and one (1) cart for recycling for each address on the parcel.

City-serviced triplexes through eightplexes (not exceeding eight bedrooms per dwelling) may choose three (3) carts for refuse and three (3) carts for recycling in any combination.

Available sizes for garbage: 95, 65, or 35 gallon. Available sizes for recycling: 95 or 65 gallon.