Placement Guidelines

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  • Make sure the arrows on the lid are pointing out towards alley/curb line.
  • Cart needs to be at least three (3) feet from any fixed objects such as mailboxes, trees, streetlights, or parked vehicles, and with a 2-3 foot gap between carts.
  • Place them at the end of your driveway if possible, or on the boulevard within one (1) foot of the curb.
  • If carts on boulevard are blocked in by cars, you may place carts in the street with the wheels against the curb, again with three (3) feet of clearance around the cart.
  • Position the cart on as level of a surface as possible.
  • Lids need to be closed at least half way.


  • Cart is not placed following the above guidelines
  • Cart is placed out after the designated collection time
  • Trash outside of the cart
  • Placed on a snow bank
  • Contains unacceptable items such as appliances, electronics, hazardous waste, etc.


  • On day of collection, carts need to be placed out by 5 a.m.
  • Do not set out more than 12-hrs before day of collection.
  • Carts need to be returned to storage location on the same day as collection.


Can the carts roll through the snow? 
Yes they can, but there are limitations.

What if the snow is too deep to roll out the cart and place it for collection? 
Residents will have to clear a path to their collection point and ensure carts are accessible for the arm of the automated trucks by clearing a space on the alley/curb line or hold your materials until the next scheduled collection. 

Where do I place my carts if there is a snow bank at my collection point? 
You will have to shovel an opening in the snow bank where the carts can be placed. Carts placed on snow banks cannot be collected.

What if the City is plowing on my day of collection?
If it is snowing and you think they may be plowing, DO NOT set your carts in the street for collection. You can place them on your driveway (if you have one) or will have to clear spot on the boulevard or hold your materials until the next scheduled collection.

Will carts be collected during severe winter weather? 
Collection will not be interrupted but delays may occur.


  • Clearing snow after each snowfall will make it easier to move your cart to its collection point.
  • Clear a place at your collection point so carts sit flat.
  • Carts will not be collected if placed on a snow bank.

Correct Winter Cart Placement 
Cart-Do This Winter

Incorrect Winter Cart Placement

Cart-Not This Winter