Water, Sanitary Sewer & Stormwater Utility billing and customer services are managed through the La Crosse Utilities Office. Utility payments are not processed in the Utilities Office, and should be taken to the City Treasurer's Office on the 2nd Floor.

La Crosse Utilities Office:
400 La Crosse Street, 5th Floor

Telephone  (608) 789-7536 

Office Hours (Phone or Email only):

         8:00am – 4:00pm  Monday - Friday, except Holidays



City Hall:

400 La Crosse Street 

Telephone  (608) 789-CITY 

Facility Hours (First Floor Access Only):

         8:00am - 1:00pm Monday - Thursday

 Emergency Information

Utility Management Contacts

Additional Contacts by Topic

Billing and Credit Questions
La Crosse Utilities Office
(608) 789-7536

Credit Application Questions
Engineering Dept c/o Yuri Nasonovs
(608) 789-7594

Erosion Problems
Fire Prevention & Building Safety
Building Safety Division
(608) 789-7530

Illegal Dumping Reporting
La Crosse Utilities Office
(608) 789 - 7536

Storm Sewer Maintenance Questions
La Crosse Utilities office
(608) 789-7536

Storm Sewer Construction Planning
La Crosse Engineering Dept
(608) 789-7505