Additional Owner Responsibilities

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Maintenance of Internal Valves

The two shut off valves by the water meter must be kept in good condition and ready for use at all times by the owner. If the valves do not hold or break during a meter exchange performed by the utility, the owner is responsible for hiring a plumber to make the necessary repairs.

**Any interior plumbing work must be completed by a license plumber and require a plumbing permit by the City of La Crosse. All local licensed plumbers have access to a key to turn the curb box to your property on and off. If they need us to locate the curb box, call the Utilities Office at least one business day prior to when they plan to do the work**

Protect Meter(s) from Damage

Where a meter and remote reader is installed, the owner shall be responsible for its care and protection. In all cases where meters are broken or damage, necessary repairs and/or replacement will be made by the Utility and the cost charged to the owner.

During the winter months, the owner should ensure all internal plumbing, including the meter is heated and/or protected properly, to prevent freezing.

Authorized City personnel shall have free access to the meter and remote reader at all reasonable hours.

Service Laterals

The owner is responsible for the water service lateral from building out to the curb box, which is typically located in the sidewalk or boulevard, a few feet from the street. The Utility is responsible from the curb box to the street.

Signs of a water lateral service leak

  • Sound of water running
  • Dirty water that doesn't clear up after running water at multiple faucets for a few minutes
  • Decreased water pressure
  • "Hammering" sound at water meter

If you suspect a water lateral service leak, contact the La Crosse Utilities Office to schedule a staff member to confirm there is a leak, and whether the leak is on the utility side or the owner side. If the leak is on the utility side, the utility will schedule the repair. If the leak is on the owner side, the owner must contact a plumber to make the necessary repairs.

For the sewer service lateral, the owner is responsible from the building out to the connection in the street, typically near the middle of the street.

Signs of a sewer lateral issue

  • Persistent clogging or backups of drains, even after thorough cleaning of the lateral.

If you experience a sewer lateral backup, contact the La Crosse Utilities Office to schedule a staff member to investigate whether there is a blockage in the street. If the sanitary sewer main is not blocked, the owner would need to contact a plumber to investigate further.