Non-Residential CCC Inspection Scheduling

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For Non-Residential Properties, HydroCorp will mail an Initial Scheduling Notification, on behalf of the La Crosse Water Utility, to the property owner, manager or agent as found in the La Crosse Water Utility billing records. This notification will not only provide a summary of the program requirements, but will inform the recipient of the date that their facility is scheduled to be inspected. This notification will be mailed approximately 4 weeks prior to the date your facility is scheduled for an inspection. The HydroCorp Inspector will then arrive to the facility sometime on that date during the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.

If the property owner, manager or agent would like to schedule a specific time on that date for the Inspector to arrive, or if that date does not work for them, they must call to update the appointment. This can be done by calling HydroCorp at (800) 315-4305, or the La Crosse Utilities Office at (608)789-7536.

Visit the CCC Notification and Enforcement Process page for further details on the La Crosse Water Utility processes and sample notices.