Dubna is a small town located on the North of Moscow Region, it is beautiful countryside, and retains primordial cleanness and freshness. Sunk in lush foliage in the summer but rather bleak in the snowy winter; it is always pleasant and cozy. It is young as it turns 40 in 1996, and yet it is old because the first settlements date back to the most ancient times.

The territory on which Dubna is located may be called an artificial island. The town was built up by the hard work of the people who created it, as well as by the outstanding minds of those for whom it was created. Today our town is a world-famous scientific center that has added five new elements to the Mendeleyev Periodic Table. It has a brilliant past and, we are convinced, a great future. Our town has many friends throughout the world because it is so hospitable and open.

Dubna attracts scientists and industrialists, singers and dancers, film makers and painters, sportsmen, lovers of under-ice fishing and inveterate collectors of mushrooms.