Visits with Friedberg

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Below is a list of visits between Friedberg, Germany and La Crosse, Wisconsin. (up-dated Oct. 2019) September 18 - 25, 2019 - A delegation of 12 from La Crosse were hosted in Friedberg.

Sept. 3-18, 2019 - 13 students & 2 teachers from Friedberg were hosted by Logan H.S. families.

December 2018 - Western Technical College instructor Joan Benson and students were in Friedberg to study their health care system.

December 2018 - Several LAGRA members were in Friedberg for their Christmas market. Every year LAGRA members purchase local La Crosse area products to carry or send to Friedberg for their yearly 4-week long Advent sales booth.

Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2018 - A delegation of 12 Germans stayed in host families, walked in the Maple Leaf parade & toured the La Crosse area.

July 2018 - A La Crosse area Hand Bell Choir, conducted by Jim Knutson, visited Friedberg, performed 2 concerts & stayed with host families.

September 2016 - Six members of the La Crosse Oktoberfest royal family were hosted in Friedberg.

July 2016 - A La Crosse delegation of 13 visited Friedberg, stayed with host families, visited the area and attended their Altstadfest (Renaissance Festival). It included a Trade Mission with Lisa Herr - Director of the 7 Rivers Alliance, Vicki Markussen - Chamber of Commerce Director, and Mayor Tim Kabat.

Aug. 28 - Sept. 3, 2015 - A delegation of 14 Germans, including Mayor Roland Eichmann & sculptor Wolfgang Auer were here to donate a sculpture to the RIFG German Garden. They stayed in host families & toured the La Crosse area.

July 2013 - An official delegation of 10 from La Crosse visited Friedberg at the time of their

Renaissance Altstadtfest. Many other La Crosse residents were also there for a wedding and the school exchange.

July 2012 - 11 Friedbergers, including Mayor Peter Bergmair were hosted in families & had a booth at Riverfest.

July 2010 - Mayor Matt Harter and a delegation from La Crosse visited Friedberg.

Aug 2009 - The Yellow Rose square dancers from Friedberg spent 3 weeks in La Crosse.


Aug 2008 - A hiking group of 22 Friedbergers was hosted in La Crosse.

June 2008 - La Crosse Franciscan Sisters visited in Friedberg.

July 2007 - La Crosse delegation visited Friedberg and attended their Altstadtfest.

May 2007 - UW-L Jazz band performed in Friedberg.

July 2006 - Friedberg delegation, led by committee president Peer Dilling, in La Crosse.

May 2006 - Mayor Peter Bergmair visited La Crosse.

December 2004 - Mayor Medinger visited Friedberg and put the final official signature on our twinning agreement.

Oktoberfest 2004 - Friedberg delegation, including Mayor Bergmair, stayed in families and participated in many Oktoberfest activities.

July 2004 - Altstadtfest, Friedberg. Small La Crosse delegation.

Sept. 2003 - La Crosse delegation was hosted in Friedberg, in families. Attended Munich Oktoberfest, went into the Alps.

Riverfest 2002 - Visit of a Friedberg delegation, including former mayor Albert Kling and current Mayor Peter Bergmair. They were again hosted in families, attended our annual fundraising German dinner, rode the Julia Belle Swain, viewed our Riverfest and Fourth of July celebrations and toured cranberry country.

July 2001 - A La Crosse delegation was hosted in Friedberg at the time of their Altstadtfest, a Renaissance reenactment which celebrates an important period in their 725 year history. We stayed with families and were royally entertained.

Oktoberfest 2000 - Visit of a delegation from Friedberg, including Mayor Albert Kling who signed the official protocol designating our Twin City status. The visitors were hosted by members of the German Committee and other interested community members. They participated in many of the Oktoberfest functions, and were shown around the La Crosse area.