More About Kumbo

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Some linking attributes between the cities of Kumbo and La Crosse include:

  • Similar population size
  • English speaking
  • Hilly topography
  • Medical facilities - two hospitals including international medical personnel exchanges; a cardiac center at St. Elizabeth's with potential interchange with our local medical centers.
  • Current, established relationships and exchange with Western Technical College staff in the Dental and Computer Programs as well as established exchanges with the Nursing Program at Viterbo University.
  • Current and ongoing relationships/support with the La Crosse Friends of Cameroon re: encompassing medical technical support project in Shisong (Kumbo and beyond)
  • Ongoing courses taught in Shisong by faculty and staff at Viterbo/St. Rose Convent.
  • Ongoing La Crosse meetings attended by Cameroonian Franciscan religious for the furthering of medical needs support and human resource development etc...
  • Current Cameroonian students attending Viterbo through the FSPA connection.


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