Assessment Objection Procedure

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Property owners with questions about their assessment are encouraged to contact us during our informal review process. Assessors will be available to answer questions about your assessment and to explain the procedures used to determine your assessment. We can answer many of your questions by telephone. If you would prefer to discuss your assessment in our office, please schedule an appointment by contacting us at 608-789-7525.

Most assessment questions can be answered during the informal review process. If you have discussed your assessment with an assessor and do not agree with the assessor's determination, you can appeal your assessment to the Board of Review. If you wish to appeal your assessment, you will need to file a written or oral intent to object with the city clerk at least 48 hours before the opening of the Board of Review. In addition, you must complete an approved objection form and file it with the clerk of the Board of Review prior to or within the first two hours of the Board's first scheduled meeting. Objection forms are available from the city clerk or our office.

Boards of Review operate like a court. Their function is not one of valuation, but of deciding the validity of the facts presented orally before them. You or your representative may testify concerning your assessment objection. You must prove that your property is inequitably assessed when compared to the general level of assessment within your tax district.

The Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners includes additional information about the appeal process. If you would like a copy, please contact our office. This guide and other property tax publications are available on the Internet at