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Accounts Payable Direct Deposit


It’s estimated that the average American spends five hours a week waiting in line. That’s almost two weeks a year! At the City of La Crosse, we’ve developed a program to help you save time and step out of line. Now, there’s a simple, convenient, and safe way for your Accounts Payable check to be automatically deposited with the financial institution of your choice. It’s called Accounts Payable Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit helps you avoid unnecessary trips to your financial institution and you will have your vendor payments much sooner than a mailed check. Instead of issuing a paper check the City will deposit payments directly into your checking or savings account. You’ll then get an e-mail notice that will contain the same information that now comes on the Accounts Payable check stub. The e-mail notifies you that your transfer has been initiated and your money is available for next day use.

With Direct Deposit, you will feel secure knowing:

  • The risk of lost or stolen checks is eliminated.
  • The days of waiting for a check to clear are over.
  • Direct Deposit is a proven method of getting paid.
  • No more waiting in lines or working around the hours when your financial institution is open
  • Direct Deposit is safe, free, and confidential.

To enroll in the Accounts Payable Direct Deposit program, just complete the authorization form and return it to the City of La Crosse’s Accounts Payable desk.  We’ll need this information to ensure the deposit of your vendor payments to the proper account. Once we receive your authorization form, we will verify all information before implementing the program for you.


Check into Direct Deposit and Give Yourself a Little More Free Time!




Bobbi Johnson, Deputy Director of Finance

Finance Department



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