Christmas Tree Collection

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January 6-10, 2020

Please remove tinsel, ornaments, and tree bags and set your tree out on the boulevard by 7:00 AM on January 6th. This collection does not coincide with your trash pick up schedule.

If you would like to drop off your Christmas tree, that option is available.You may drop them off at Myrick Park in the parking lot east of the Gun Shelter. Or you may bring them, Monday-Friday between 7 AM and  3 PM, to 2000 Marco Drive, and place them in a pile south of the yard waste site, next to the green recycling dumpster.

Just a reminder that the Yard Waste & Brush Site is closed for the season so you may not bring other materials to drop off; those items should be taken to the County Landfill.

Artificial Christmas Trees, Wreaths, & Holiday Lights

We do not collect artificial Christmas trees. Those, along with holiday lights, can be placed in your city-service recycling cart or dropped off at Harter’s Quick Clean-Up. We do not collect wreaths as most are constructed with heavy wire.