Large Items

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Spring Clean-Up Dates:

May 11-May 22, 2020

There will only be ONE collection day per dwelling, between May 11-22, on your regular recycling day. Large items are to be placed at your normal refuse & recycling collection point. Items not placed in the refuse & recycling area, will not be collected. Mattresses and box springs will be recycled. Please place them away from the other large items at your collection point and cover if rain is in the forecast. Harter's Quick Clean-Up is the contractor for this collection. If you have questions on specific items you can reach them at 608-782-2082, 

Collection will be limited to 5 items per tax parcel. Items shall not be set out more than 12 hours before collection and the property owner is responsible for removal of items placed out once pickup is complete for the season. Electronics and appliances are not allowed to be placed for collection.

Large Item Disposal

Large items are no longer picked up as a city-serviced collection, this also includes items left illegally on your property. Items that are too large or heavy to fit in your garbage cart, are considered a large item. These include couches, cabinets, desks, carpet, tables. It is the resident's responsibility to dispose of large items either by calling a contractor of your choosing, or hauling to a drop-off location such as Harter's Quick Clean Up or the County Landfill.

Disposal Options:

If items are reusable, connect with donation centers.  Some places will pick up your reusable items.  Here are a few suggestions.

  •  Salvation Army 608-782-7825
  •  Habitat Restore 608-785-2375
  •  Goodwill 608-783-2710

Contact the City's Hauler: Harters Quick Clean-Up at 608-782-2082.

  • Once all fees are paid, collection is by route, bi-weekly, the same day recycling is collected.
  • Items should be placed at your regular refuse collection point by 5:00 AM.
  • DISPOSAL FEES below are for City's hauler only

  This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but a representative sampling.

Disposal Fees:

Sofa (2-3 cushion) $30.00                Box Spring $42.00

Rocker / Recliner $24.00                  Dining table / chairs $24.00

Mattress $42.00                                Entertainment Center $24.00

For a more inclusive 2020 list, click here.

Contact a hauler of your choosing:

Make your payment and arrange a time and location for collection.  Place items near your house or garage.  DO NOT place items curbside or at your regular refuse collection point.

Take to the County Landfill or to a waste service provider of your choosing. Contact them directly for a complete list of fees.