La Crosse established a Sister City relationship with the City of Luoyang, China in 1996. At that time representatives from Luoyang were looking for a sister city in the United States and they were referred to La Crosse by mutual acquaintances. After visiting La Crosse and seeing the many advantages that could occur from a friendship association between the cities, a formal relationship was established.

Luoyang is located on the Yellow River in North Central China. It is a city of more than 5 million people. It is a center for industry and agriculture with a cultural history that is over 4,000 years old. Some of the major industries are in food processing and distribution, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, building materials, and textile industries.

Remnants of its rich cultural history include the Longmen Grottos with more than 100,000 images and statues of Buddha and his disciples carved into the cliff walls on the banks of the Yellow River. The White Horse Temple east of the city is the site of the first Buddhist Temple on Chinese soil. Other cultural landmarks are the Shaolin Monastery, Peony Square, and the Cave Dwellings spread throughout the countryside around the city.

During the past ten years many exchanges have occurred between the cities. One of the most rewarding is the teaching exchange coordinated by the La Crosse Public Schools. Teachers from the District have spent a year teaching in China and each year La Crosse is privileged to host two or three teachers from China. This exchange has helped the La Crosse School District to have one of the best Chinese Language Programs in the United States.