Serving on a Committee

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Thank you for your interest in serving the City of La Crosse through participation on one of our boards or commissions. The City of La Crosse has over 40 standing committees. Committees are created to assist City staff, Council Members, and the Mayor in making important decisions that affect the Citizens of La Crosse.

The appointing authority for most City committees resides with the Mayor, unless legislation specifically directs this duty to another person or entity. All appointments must be approved by the Common Council, except as otherwise specified in the legislation.

Except as otherwise specified, the members appointed to a City board or commission must be residents of the City of La Crosse. However, some committees call for members representing designated positions, organizations, businesses, or otherwise indicated within the legislation.

Many standing committees have a set monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule that has either been designated by law or decided upon by the Council or committee itself. The majority of committees meet as needed or as called by the chair or majority of the committee members.

If you would like to submit your name for consideration for a Mayoral appointment, please complete the below application and mail it to the address listed on the bottom of the application with attention to the Mayor’s Office. Please note, submission for consideration does not guarantee an appointment. Potential appointees will be considered as vacancies arise.

For a full listing of City commissions and boards, please click here.