K-9 Unit 

The La Crosse Police Department K-9 Unit is currently made up of five K-9 teams which include the handler and the canine.

Current K-9s

K-9 Bill

K-9 Zeus

K-9 Thor

K-9 Loki

Retired K-9s

K-9 Ralph

Retired 8/1/2016

K-9 Brutus

Retired 3/15/2017

K-9 Grumman

Retired 7/5/2017

K-9 Luc

Retired 2018

K-9 Zaback

Retired 2019

Having a K-9 unit is a great tool for the La Crosse Police Department. Police K-9s are instrumental to law enforcement because they can:

  • Track missing persons or criminals;
  • Access physical spaces where it would be impossible or too dangerous for a human to maneuver;
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness when utilized to complete detection duties in large or difficult searches;
  • Provide the handler and other law enforcement with an added measure of protection;
  • Deter criminals from committing crime in areas where a police canine is deployed, or at times of the day when the canine is working;
  • Act as a tremendous public relations tool; and
  • Provide demonstrations at grade schools, businesses, or community events.

K-9 Info

Contact Information

Sergeant Steve Pataska
K-9 Unit Supervisor