The Engineering Department of the City of La Crosse is responsible for the preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, and approval for water mains and wells, storm and sanitary sewer systems, wastewater treatment plant improvements, street improvements, park improvements, street lighting, and miscellaneous public works projects, and for supervision of construction to completion. The Department monitors compliance with Federal regulations for all federally funded projects in the City and coordinates local highway projects with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The Department also provides surveying and drafting services for other City departments.

It is the Department's further responsibility to maintain proper records of all construction and surveys. These records include plats, maps buildings, profiles, benchmarks, and location, size, and elevations of underground utilities such as sewers and water mains. To serve the public regarding disbursement of all public records within the Engineering Department's jurisdiction is another of the department's important functions.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for all aspects of traffic control, throughout the City and represents the City's concerns for traffic functions in the surrounding area. Traffic Engineer is responsible for making traffic engineering studies, preparing geometric design for highway safety projects, plans and specifications for traffic control installations, supervise temporary traffic control on all public projects, provide public service and education through the media and handle the requests and/or complaints on traffic matters.