Transparency in Policing

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Over the past decade, law enforcement as a whole has been the subject of much scrutiny. Communities across the country have begun to question different aspects of their police departments. Questions include use of force, department policies, departmental demographics, and budgets, just to mention a few.

The La Crosse Police Department does not want a questioning public, but an informed public. We believe the more informed you become, the better you will understand YOUR police department. 

We have had a long commitment to community policing and building community trust. We believe our Transparency in Policing page is just another step to strengthen our relationship with the community we serve.

Our community has requested additional information in regards to eight key policy areas. We have responded with our Polices and Practices informational website.

We encourage you to look through the following information and contact us with questions:

Calls For Service & Enforcement Actions
Use of Force
Demographics & Organizational Chart
Budget & Overtime