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Request to Start or Stop Utility Service:

To start or stop utility services, please contact the Utilities Office at least 3 business days prior to the date you wish the final reading to be taken. Before you do so, you must have all of the required information found below. You can do so by:

  1. Complete the Final Read request form online: (AVAILABLE SOON!)
    • Request for Final Utilities Billing - Sale of Property
    • Request a Final Utilities Billing - Tenant Change
  2. Email the Utilities Office at with all of the required information.
  3. Call the Utilities Office at (608) 789-7536

For the water and sewer related charges, a meter reading will be obtained on the date requested and a final bill is issued to the occupant vacating the premises. For stormwater charges, this date will be used to final the account and pro-rate the charges.

Requirements for Request Service Changes

  • Email or mailing address to send Final Bill
  • Full Name of new customer (First, Middle Initial and Last)
  • Billing Address of new customer
  • Phone number of new customer
  • Date of Birth (Required for accounts with Landlord/Tenant Agreements or anyone without a Middle Initial)

Homeowners Buying or Selling

Because the La Crosse Utilities charges may become a lien on the property, a final billing is required at the closing. The title company or realtor will contact the utilities office with the required buyer information and arrange for the final meter reading 7-10 days before the closing. A final may also be required for a vacant property for utility charges that are not based on a meter reading, so any person acting on behalf of a buyer and seller should ensure there are no billings related to all parcels in relation to the sale. If the property being sold is a rental property, it is still recommended to obtain a final reading even if the bill is going to the tenant, so that the buyer fully understands the amount due by the tenant at that time and whether they are delinquent, as well as potentially catch any leaks in the property that began since the last meter reading. If the tenant is behind and fails to pay their past due utility bills, the new buyer would end up inheriting that unpaid balance if transferred to the tax roll.

Landlord and/or Tenants

If a tenant is responsible for utility bills during their lease , the tenant and/or the landlord must contact the utility to request the change in service. If a tenant requests service to be discontinued and a new tenant has not requested service, utility service is placed in the landlord’s name. A notification is sent to the landlord indicating the date of vacancy.

The Utility Billing date should not be used in determining what amounts a tenant is responsible for. The bill date may be up 2-4 weeks AFTER the last meter reading. It is highly recommended that a final read be taken each time a tenant moves in or move out, whether the bill is in the tenant name or the landlord name, to ensure the tenants are being charged for their actual usage. This is especially important in La Crosse since the utility only obtains water readings once every three months.


Benefits of requesting a Final Bill for a property sale or tenant change:

Final bills help determine:

  • Future and current billable account charges
  • Water meter replacement charges in case a meter was damaged, broken, or stolen.
  • Possible water leaks within the property

Additional Benefits of requesting a Final Bill for a property sale

Final bills help determine:

  • Bankruptcy balances attached to the property that belong to the seller and the seller is responsible for payment before you purchase the property.
  • Other charges attached to the property that are the responsibility of the seller

Please Note: The buyer or property tax key owner will "inherit" charges of the prior owner, as well as unpaid bills of prior and current tenants, if not addressed in the closing of the sale.