Paint and Fix-Up Grant Program

***Currently we are no longer accepting application. Please check back in the future to see if more funding has become available***

The City of La Crosse's Neighborhood Revitalization Commission is sponsoring a voluntary Paint and Fix-Up Grant Program FOR RESIDENTIAL HOMES WITHIN A TARGETED AREA OF THE CITY OF LA CROSSE. There are NO income restrictions for this Program. If you own property in the targeted area of TID 14 boundary or within a half mile of the TID 14 boundary (see map) of the City of La Crosse then you are eligible to apply.

Map of 2018-2019 Paint and Fix-Up Eligible Properties

The purpose of this program is to bring residents together to improve the appearance and quality of their neighborhoods. La Crosse has several older neighborhoods and is facing obstacles related to an aging housing stock, a high rental rate, and how to attract and retain more families to its neighborhoods. Similar home improvement programs in the past have demonstrated a positive influence on surrounding properties and have encouraged further investment by homeowners.

This program is available to both Owner-Occupied and Rental Properties.

Owner-Occupied Properties may receive a grant, not to exceed $1,000, for exterior paint, stain and materials for exterior repairs and improvements; and Non-Owner-Occupied (rental) program participants will be eligible for the same funding but must provide 100% matching funds and be registered under the City of La Crosse’s Rental Registration Program.


Complete a Pre-Documentation Form

  • This Form must include an itemized description of your proposed project and estimated cost for each item. Any item not listed on this worksheet will not be considered for reimbursement.
  • Any exterior painting or repairs to the primary building or detached garage that include materials, parts, and labor are eligible under this program. Painting and repair to fences located in the front and side yards may also be eligible. Only professional labor can be claimed for reimbursement as the intent of the program is to foster sweat equity and the greatest return on investment. If the proposed project requires a contractor then a professional cost estimate must be attached to the Pre-Documentation Form. The contractor must also be licensed in the State of Wisconsin.
  • You are encouraged to use this grant as part of a larger project to maximize your improvements. 
  •  This program is a reimbursable grant. The applicant/property owner must pay for any paint, repair, fix-up and associated items/materials out of pocket and submit the appropriate form, receipts, and photo documentation to receive reimbursement up to the amounts approved.

Take Before Photos of the Proposed Work

Items will not be considered if before photos are not taken. Photos may be digital. If you are unable to take pictures of your proposed project, assistance may be provided.

Complete the W-9 Form

W-9 must be completed and submitted with our completed application in order to eligible for this program. If you have concerns about this form you may contact the City of La Crosse's Finance Department at 789-9580. If you would like to mail the form directly to the Finance Department, Attn: Paint and Fix-Up Program, 400 La Crosse Street, La Crosse, WI 54601. 

Sign the Contract for Services Form

If your application is approved, Item #1 and Item #3 under General Conditions will be filled in and a signed copy of the Contract from the City will be sent back to you.

Submit the Completed Application

A Pre-Documentation Form, photos of the proposed project, a completed W-9 Form, and the signed Contract For Services Form must be mailed, e-mailed, or delivered in person to Tim Acklin in the City of La Crosse's Planning and Development Department. Use Contact Information on the right, and please include "Paint & Fix-Up Program" in the subject line or attention.

Applicants will be notified within ten (10) business days on the status of their application.

If approved you may begin your project and will have one (1) year from the date it was signed by the City to complete your project.


Any proposed painting should not begin until any painting prep work has been completed and photo documentation has been taken. Surface preparation includes the following: all loose, flaking, and peeling coatings must be removed by scraping and/or sanding; all rust must be removed from metal substrates; all bare and/or rusting metal must be primed with the appropriate metal primer (paint dealer recommendation); all chalk residue must be removed (washed with TSP PF or equivalent). Applicants may request photo documentation if needed. Any paint, stain, or associated materials must be paid for by the applicant/property owner. The applicant must save all receipts as proof of purchase. Original or photo copied receipts must be attached to the Final Documentation Form/Worksheet for reimbursement.


Any proposed repairs must be paid for by the applicant/property owner. The applicant must save all receipts as proof of purchase and/or obtain a receipt from your contractor marked "Paid in Full". Original or photo copied receipts must be attached to the Final Documentation Form/Worksheet for reimbursement.

Complete Final Reimbursement Form

To receive reimbursement for completed painting and fix-up and repair items, applicants/property owners are to submit the following:

  • A completed Final Reimbursement Form.
  • Copies of receipts/paid invoices showing proof of purchase of the approved/completed items/materials for the project. The applicant is required to mark on their receipts which item(s) is/are being requested for reimbursement. Al invoices from contractors must indicate that the invoice is "Paid in Full".
  • Final photo documentation of the completed project. These must be submitted to the Planning and Development Department for reimbursement. If you are unable to take pictures of your project, assistance may be provided. 
    Reimbursement rate for materials, parts and labor is 50% up to $1,000 per property for rental properties and 100% up to $1,000 per property for owner-occupied.

Reimbursement payments will be mailed to the applicant/property owner. Payments will be sent out the second Friday of the month provided all of the final documents are submitted 2 weeks prior.


Contact Information

Tim Acklin, AICP
Senior Planner
400 La Crosse St., La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 789-7391