Riverside Park

100 Block, State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

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Park Description

Riverside Park has been opened since 1911, originally called Levee Park and is located off the Mississippi River and in downtown La Crosse. Riverside Park is well known for hosting Riverfest, the Rotary lights, being a docking station for the Mississippi Queen and the Julia Bell Swain, and being home to an annual 4th of July fireworks celebration. In addition, the park offers trails, open spaces, and plenty of areas to sit and enjoy the river.

Park Amenities

  • Floral Area
  • Trails
  • Sculpture
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Open Area

Park History

Riverside Park started as an idea in 1908. Dr. Wendell A. Anderson, the Mayor of La Crosse, pushed for the development of a large river side park west of Front Street. $75,000 was to be used for land acquisition, dredge fill and the development of the park. In 1910, the land was purchased from the Milwaukee Road Railroad and private owners, Silas Oatsman, Gustave Kaeppler, Isidore Shilling, Spence McCord Drug Co., James Hogan, Emil Mueller, La Crosse Milling Co., and J.M. Holley. One year later, the contract for dredge fill was awarded to the La Crosse Dredging Company for $43,000. Dredging started that year. It was dedicated as Levee Park. Read more ยป

Riverside International Friendship Gardens